Privacy Policy

Takahashi Bussho Co., Ltd. (we) recognize the importance about protection of the personal information and determine "the policy about the privacy policy" as follows, and all people engaging in duties endeavor accuracy and safely to handle the personal information.

■Policy about the personal information handling

We observe laws and ordinances about the personal information protection and, manage and protect appropriately personal information to deal with on company activities and establish a privacy policy as follows to use and improve the personal information protection system which a visitor can be relieved.

1.Definition of the personal information

We recognize that the personal information is the information about a living individual prescribed for "a law about the protection of the personal information", and can distinguish a specific individual by the descriptions of a full name, the date of birth and others.

2.Collection, Use and offer of the personal information

On collection and use of personal date, we bring out the purpose for visitors beforehand, and we collect and handle it that we limit a use range of the personal information. We do not offer the personal information such as visitors to the third party when we get the agreements from visitors beforehand or unless it was permitted by laws and ordinances. In addition, when we offer the personal information of the visitor to the third party, the content limits it to only a necessary information and we obliges the third party to management of the personal information and performs appropriate supervision.

3. Privacy respect

When it was found disclosure, a correction, deletion, suspension for the personal information that we collected in deference to privacy, we accept this during a rational period as far as proper.

4. The observance such as laws and ordinances

We observe a law about the protection of the personal information, other laws and ordinances concerned and this privacy policy about the acquisition of the personal information such as visitors, all use and other handling.

5. Safety management measures

We try to keep the personal information correct and latest content and take necessary safety management measures to protect it from unjust access, manipulation, a leak, loss and damage.

6. Continuous improvement

We try for continuous improvement about the handling of the personal information in the office through internal prescribed maintenance about the personal information protection, enforcement of the employee education.