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We are offering your better life style

While our country Japan is rapidly entering into an aging society, the equipments and facilities in our living environment are required to improve more and more. We launched the business of Floor-Heating in 1984 and spun off its housing division into a separate company as “TAFU Co., Ltd” in 1996. Our business activities and
services are supported by many clients so far, in providing Solar Power system as well as Floor-Heating.

We promise to propose high-quality system in any type of residence.
We can offer the new type of floor heater utilizing steel panels and low-temperature water, and we can offer the high-tech floor heating with systems of electric and heat storage. In addition, we can set up those systems in any
type of home/office, with any material of floor, with any energy source.
We promise to provite consistent service covering design,construction and maintenance.
Our service is total package including design, construction, and maintenance of housing systems. Also we dare say that our skills/techniques for design and construction should be No.1 in Tokai area since we had so many experiences to install our Floor-Heating systems until now.
We promise to creat the best plan just for your residence.
Thinking over the shape/condition/area of your house, we offer an ideal plan which meets your demand individually and enables to reduce your running cost as much as possible.

TAFU Co.,Ltd.

Trade Name TAFU Co., Ltd.
Address 18, Esaki Haruhi Kiyosu Aichi-prf. 452-0962 JAPAN
Telephone 81-52-408-2258
Date Established January 25, 1996
Capital JPY 20,000,000.-
Business Activities 1. Design, Construct and Maintain Floor-Heating System
2. Distribute Air-Conditioning Equipment
3. Install and sell Solar Power Generation/Fuel Battery

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