Suger & Food Materials Business

Meet various needs from the food indusuries.Try tido something for the customer one by one. We believe that our effort must be some help in developing our food culture.

Sugar & Food Materials Division provides many kinds of food material, especially sugar and sweetener, to the food manufacturers in Japan. Our motto has been “Steady-Supply =continuously supplying safe and good quality food ” since our establishment in 1954, and it remains unchanged still now. In addition, we are always focusing on better cotribution to each customer enough as well.

3 features of Sugar & Food Materials Division

1.Wide variety of items
White Soft Sugar, Granulated Sugar, Liquid Sugar Syrup, Glucose Sugar, Brown Sugar…there are so many kinds of Sugar here in Japan from the traditional to the contemporary. And also there are so many types of Sweetener which the top cornstarch makers constantly producing.
We have almost all kinds of Sugar, Sweetener, and other food material in order to respond effectively to the various needs of our customer.
2.Detailed delivery support
We can adjust the delivery size/quantity of our merchandise in accordance with the capacity of each customer because we have our own distribution center in Nagoya area. For example, we deliver to the huge factory by a big truck, and we deliver to the small store by a compact truck via our warehouse.
3.Oversea business network
We have our business base in Bangkok. So we can provide valuable information and various food materials by utilizing our overseas network.

View of our items

  • Refined Sugar (Cane/Beet)
    Starch Syrup
    Oligo Sugar (Oligosaccharide)
    Vitamin C
  • Liquid Sugar Syrup
    High-Fructose Corn Syrup Glucose Sugar
    Sugar Alcohols
    Functional Sweeteners
    Wheat Flour
  • Non-centrifugal Sugar (Brown Sugar)
  • Preparations (Sugar/Cereal)
  • Functional Sweeteners
  • Dextrin
  • Organic Food Materials

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