Care Foods

Enjoy eating lifelong

“Eating Food” is absolutely essential for human life and gives ultimate happiness of life.
We focused on the product for swallowing aid several years ago because it must be a big help for elderly people who have difficulty in eating food. No matter how old we get, we need to have delicious/favorite meals and get appropriate nutrition. We are willing to contribute to the upcoming aging society through the Care Food & Product Business.

2 features of Care Food & Product Division

For people who need somebody's care
We are very conscious about quality of our products, especially good taste and good feeling in swallowing.
We are offering the product for swallowing aid (The Gokkuri series) which makes you enjoy delicious and safe meals even in dysphagia.
For people who care some body else

Our products are “easy-to-use”, so we are confidnt that it helps you much to carry out better nursing care.

We also have enough product lineups for Caring, for example, cookware, daily use equipments, walking aids, clothes and guards, bath and toiletry products, and so on.We would like to reduce the burden on diligent care providers.



  • Suger & Food Materials Business
  • Housing equipments Business